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Knee Pain Treatment With Bolz Chiropractic

The knee joint takes a considerable beating from your day-to-day activities, as you walk, run, jump, climb stairs or engage in sports. It's no surprise that many adults suffer from knee pain, especially as they get older. However, a chiropractor such as Dr. Timothy or Dr. Anna Bolz can help relieve your pain. Here's some useful information about knee function and knee pain, courtesy of Bolz Chiropractic in Topeka, Kansas.

man with knee pain

Knee Anatomy and Knee Pain

The joint known as the knee is actually the meeting point of four different bones. The femur, or thigh bone, is the largest. Both lower leg bones – the tibia and fibula – are part of the knee joint, as is the patella, or kneecap. Tendons, ligaments, and muscles keep the knee strong and stable. Injuries, degenerative changes and weak or uneven muscles (muscles work in pairs) can cause pain, swelling, stiffness or inflammation. Crunching or cracking may occur when you move and you might have an unstable knee or not be able to bend or flex the joint properly.

Conditions That Cause Knee Pain

Dislocated Knee – if your knee is completely dislocated, it requires immediate emergency treatment. However, mild misalignments called subluxations can be treated by a chiropractor.

Bursitis – each joint is surrounded by fluid-filled sacs called bursae. The “shock absorbers” lubricate the joint; they can become inflamed and painful. A chiropractor can help correct the problem with heat, cold, ultrasound, and gentle stretching exercises.

A Locked Or Frozen Knee – when the kneecap is out of alignment, you may not be able to straighten your knee. A chiropractic adjustment can restore the alignment.

Strains and Sprains – chiropractic care can be helpful in the acute phase to relieve pain and also later if these conditions leave you limping or limit range of motion.

Tendinitis – overuse or repetitive motion injuries are the most common cause of tendinitis. Heat, cold, ultrasounds, gentle stretching and posture correction can help relieve the pain and prevent recurrence.

Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain

All chiropractic care begins with a head to toe assessment. Although the pain may be in your knee, poor posture or body mechanics can contribute, or your knee might hurt because you have a problem in the hip or back and are compensating. We can perform manual adjustments, using traditional techniques or the Activator method. We also use many other value added treatments such as corrective exercise and nutritional recommendations.

Schedule An Appointment With Bolz Chiropractic Today!

Whether you suffer from knee pain or some other musculoskeletal condition, please give us a call at 785-272-2090. Located at 4990 Southwest 21st Street in Topeka Kansas, Bolz Chiropractic serves Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding area. We can help relieve your pain and restore function.