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Workplace Injuries Treated By Our Chiropractor in Topeka, KS

People come to Bolz Chiropractic for natural and drug-free healing following a variety of injuries, including ones sustained at work. Whether you have a highly active job or spend most of your workday sitting at a desk, you may be at risk for an on-the-job injury. Learn how we can help!

Man with a workplace injury.

Common Workplace Injuries

The following workplace injuries are frequently seen among our patients:

  • Whiplash: neck and shoulder pain that occurs due to rapid acceleration/deceleration of the body (such as during a fall or accident in a motor vehicle)
  • Tech neck: neck pain and dysfunction caused by frequently stopping while using a computer or smartphone
  • Medial or lateral epicondylitis: inflammation to structures on the inside or outside of the elbow 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: compression of the median nerve in the wrist
  • Lower back pain: strain in the connective tissues in your back (muscles, ligaments, discs, tendons, etc.)
  • Sciatica: impingement of the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain, weakness, and sensory changes in the leg as well as back pain

Why do These Injuries Occur in the First Place?

Common factors include poor posture, poor ergonomic set-up, repetitive movement, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting or standing, and slip and fall incidents. 

Our Topeka chiropractor staff is careful to assess other hidden causes or contributing issues to your dysfunction, including stress, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep quality, and more. By addressing these issues, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your healing.

Why Chiropractic Care is Helpful for a Workplace Injury

Chiropractic care promotes whole body healing and wellness and can resolve a workplace injury, improve your productivity and job satisfaction, and confer a better quality of life for you overall. Consider the following services we can provide:

  • Spinal adjustments - gentle adjustments can provide immediate drug-free pain relief, restore normal alignment in the spine, and relieve pressure on spinal structures
  • Corrective exercises - learn stretches and exercises to increase stability, strength, endurance, the range of motion, and tissue healing throughout your body
  • Nutritional counseling - are you eating foods which promote inner wellness, cellular health, and anti-inflammation? Our nutritional counseling can help you identify the right foods for you 

Get Help with Natural Healing from Our Topeka Chiropractor Team

Our Topeka chiropractor team, Dr. Tim Bolz, and Dr. Anna Bolz work with thousands of hardworking citizens every year struggling with pain and dysfunction. If you've been hurt at work, contact us today at 785-272-2090 to schedule an appointment.